Sunday, June 21, 2009

A little bit

Just did a little thrifting...


I found these Ked like sneakers that I just love. They were the only ones in the store, my size and 1 dollar! In very good shape.


Cute summer dress with pockets for four dollars.


Mens jewelry box for a dollar and poker chips for 50 cents.


Cute photo album for two dollars and Arthur Miller bio for one dollar.


And I just couldn't pass by this really cute wooden china doll for 50 cents.


david paul seymour said...

Tried to find contact info for you, Mel. Please check out my site as I'm pretty sure by your tastes that you'd love it! Cheers!

Mel said...

I'm diggin' it! I'll add you to my links. And also put my email address up...Thanks!

Keith said...

Great buys. I love them. You've got a really cool blog. Cheers!

Mel said...

Oh, why thank you soo much! I am glad you enjoy it. Let me know if you have a site you want to link with me, i'd be happy too. P.S. I saw your myspace.... I like me some Dino also ;)

Rosina Lee said...

That dress is gorgeous, great finds all together and your blog is lovely too.

Rosina Lee

Mel said...

Why thank you so much! I visited yours as well, it is so adorable. Fab taste! Consider your link added!