Sunday, July 17, 2011

Marilyn Forever Blonde!

I know I haven't been blogging for a while but I thought I would post about the recent play I just watched. When I heard a Marilyn play was coming I jumped at the chance. I didn't know what to expect even though Melinda from the Marilyn podcast said it was good you never really know. I will say the play was good. You had the chance to see what it was like in Marilyns bedroom talking about her life. There is mention of sex and quotes from others that knew her. It does have jokes but is also tragic. If your expecting just all musical happy numbers this isn't your play. Although all the facts were accurate I think the mention of Joan Crawford and her so called affair could have been left out. I havent seen facts to support this statement. Even though this was a good play I think it could have been better to see Norma Jeans side. To sympathize with Marilyn more they should have showed how Norma was awkward, shy, had a stutter, and didn't really like sex. How Hollywood made her sacrifice the person she knew for a "better" more excepting life. We heard it from Marilyn's mouth but didn't see what Norma Jean thought. But I did appreciate knowing that they knew they did their homework. You can tell they did a lot of research to tell her story. You can easily mess up Marilyns life and acting but this was very well done in my book. Great job Sunny Thompson, and thank for the autograph!