Monday, December 7, 2009

Flea Market Finds and New Bed Spread

I'm starting to see a trend with the things I buy lately to be brown and gold. I have no idea why.


I got a second jewelry box because my (as you know) was spilling over. So as luck would have it I found a decent sized one at $2.00! What a find that was. The two pins I found was a couple dollars each. The Screen Legends playing cards were cute. And the mirror were a few dollars, I put my Chanel lotion in the spray bottle. It came in handy!


I also picked up a Lucy and Ricky movie set. For $20.00 I got all the movies they have ever done together, still in plastic. I thought it was a good deal since this isn't something I see at Best Buy every day.

Continuing with the brown and gold theme I got a new bed spread! I just love it my new puppy Clara Bow fits right in! The angle with the camera was off but you get the jest of it...


Jessica Cangiano said...

My stars, your new bed spread is positively gorgeous! I am a lifelong fan of damask (and damask inspired) pattens and would gravitate towards that spread if I saw it in a shop, too. Wonderful find, it looks so elegant!

Thank you dearly for your lovely comments and visits, sweetie, they mean so much to me!

Big hugs,
♥ Jessica

Kerri said...

Your I Love Lucy video collection was a great find! I am a huge I Love Lucy fan!

Mel said...

I love those patterns to. I didn't know what I wanted when I went into the store but I saw this and bought it. They had two different colors, the one I got and a silver and brown one. It's working well.

I know I love I Love Lucy, I have the $150.00 complete series and I thought these movies would go well with my collection.

Thanks for your comments! <3