Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Week with Marilyn - Movie Review

My Week With Marilyn to me had a sense of charm about it. Watching other Marilyn movies before this they all had some way of leaving a bad taste in my mouth. They over dramatize or fictionalize the negative flaws that they think we want to see. This film did rather the opposite. It tip toed and showed glimpses into the flaws in her life. We don't see her slurring her words after a glass of champagne before falling down and hanging over men, upon which countless movies have done. We see her laughing, flirting, weeping, showing hints of her sexuality and insecurities. We also see the behind the scenes and what it was like to feel pressure and wanting to be sure of yourself before going on set. Michelle might not remind anyone of Marilyn but looking at the context rather was my main concern. How was the film going to portray her? I was apprehensive waiting for a movie that tells about a wild affair with a young boy in England. This wasn't that movie rather it played with the fact they we do feel for Marilyn (this being channeled through Colin). We want to help her, we want to care for her, some can relate to her and yet she is always out of reach. I wouldn't say I LOVED it but I liked it. I wasn't offended by it in anyway and it left me with a sense of contentment. I rather have this movie shown to this generation rather than the other movies. But I did not like how it keeps saying this is a true story. There are countless people saying they did this and that with Marilyn and credibility is low nowadays. However, the story was enough to show an experience rather than a tell all fame deal. Is this the best Marilyn movie so far, I would say yes. Is this the best movie about Marilyn, no. I still am holding out hope some day a movie will be done to show her whole life in a way that creates even deeper appreciate for Marilyn and what makes her the way she is. But we might never have that movie, so in the mean time this will have to do.
I give it *** out of 4 stars.


Eesti said...

This film made me laugh and smile and cry. I LOVED it!!!You really feel for Marilyn and her struggle whether she wants to go back to be Norma Jean or continue her life of glamour.

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