Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm Gonna Need A Bigger Jewelry Box!!!

I have way too many brooches and earrings and they are starting to pile up. I never thought I would have something as pretty as brooches pile up! But I have been watching a lot of Lucy lately because I got the I Love Lucy box set. She has the most cutest outfits ever. I have been inspired by her. She almost always has beautiful jewels on and even when she goes casual she has the cutest flats paired with a sparkly robe. So chic! When I stare through the glass counter I get so excited. Then to see how much they are priced I go crazy. It seems there is always a way to look expensive without being expensive. All the glamour of dresses and makeup were everyday things in yesturyear. But today it might look too gawdy...I say be glamourous! Its every womans right!



I know how you feel Lucy!



Anonymous said...

so beautiful a different look everyday

Jessica Cangiano said...

Wonderfully said, my lovely dear, being glamorous is definitely a woman's inherent right!

There is no such thing has too much jewelry, only too little space to keep it in ;D

Wishing you a gorgeous Sunday!
♥ Jessica

Mel said...

Thanks girls! Overflowing in vintage jewelry is a good thing! Although overflowing on yourself is too much. Just the touches of the right brooch or earring can make the most glamourous difference. *sigh*

The Little Vintage Dress Shop said...

ohhhhhhhhh I want them all!!!! Please start listing some goodies like these on your store! I'd love to have a squiz

Mel said...

Oh yes. Next time I go out i'll keep the store in mind. Thanks so much for your interest!!!