Monday, May 11, 2009

Marilyn Books!

So I went to the local Salvation Army and found a Marilyn section. My eyes got big and plopped right down on the floor and started shuffling through. Some I already had and most I didn't. I threw down $75.00 but it was worth it. Apparently they had a donation 6 months ago from a family whose father (I belive) was a Marilyn fan. They said there also used to be big cut-outs but it sold fast. I snapped my fingers but I was greatful to get something. But I was also sad that a Marilyn fan passed. At least I know his books are going to a good home!





dwane said...

wow! that is amazing! i would die the day i found that many marilyn books in a thrift store!

Mel said...

Thanks Dwane!!! I know I almost fainted. Its like oh theres one, oh theres another one, there...OMG!