Thursday, September 25, 2008

Flea Market & Thrifting Trip

So I finally decided to try again at the flea market. I'm so glad I did! First off I saw a late 50's early 60's record player. I have one already but it is a new one and the last time I oredered a vintage one on Ebay it wasn't great so I sent it back, and that cost me $60.00 and a bidding war. So I figured if I find one I'll find one. The record player I found was only $5.00! It has four speeds. It works and has the orginal needle it just needed a little screw tightning. And the best thing, the volume works! Thats always a problem if not that the needle is gone so i'm very happy! :)




The other thing is the Marilyn Monroe Jack-In-The-Box. I am a big Marilyn fan and when I saw this I have to be honest, I thought it was a little cheesy and cheap. I know a lot of company's now or in the 70's made a lot of Marilyn merchandise so this didn't stand out. So I went home and my bf told me just to look it up, so I did and it turns out this was worth $300.00+ I mean WOW! Then I thought well maybe its not that bad looking after all haha. It is worth that much not because the head is porcelin but there was only 10,000 made. So my bf said YOU BETTER GET IT! I had $20.00 left over just enough to go get it, the jack in the box is $18.00. So I get there and my bf is running around try to find the booth, I didn't even know if they were still there, so long story short we find it. My bf runs to the booth grabs it and brings it to me, ummmm hello!!!! The sellers look at him like he's crazy and that he's stealng it. But they saw me walking towards them with it. I paid and on the way to the car I said geeze you just grabbed it! He says I saw an old lady looking at it so I had to get it. Haha soo that was an intresting morning.


The records I got - Ray Charles- Glen Miller- Beethoven- And Music Greats

I thrifted the records and finally found a Ray Charles record that wasn't broken or not even in the sleeve. Also I wanted to get into classical music but I didn't know where to start so I just picked up the Music Greats Set I saw and another Beethoven. I also have a lot of jazz records so I threw a Glenn Miller in there.


Cindy said...

Cool. Makes me want to go thrifting tomorrow.

Mel said...

Oh great! I'M SO GLAD! :)