Monday, May 19, 2008

Butterfly Brooch*


This is a cute butterfly brooch I have decided to sell.

This butterfly brooch is almost 2 inches from wing tip to wing tip across. From antenna to wing in length is also about 2 inches. It is in great to very good condition.

*This item is for sale at my store-

UPDATE: This item is no longer available.


Mitzi said...

Hi there, nice blog! I also clicked over to your store, I hadn't heard of Big Cartel before, they look cool! And not a bad price, though for me I would want unlimited listing space... have you had any sales yet?

Mel said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog and my store! I haven't sold anything yet because I just put up my store today! So I'm excited I already got a response from you! I know that was my only concern was the space but I figure I don't have a warehouse of stuff it should be ok for now. If it starts selling maybe I would put part of my profit towards upgrading! I also signed up for Etsy and ebay. :)

Thanks again for the response!!!

Mitzi said...

Yay! How exciting... I found you because you left a comment for the Country Home contest on my blog - good luck, with your business and with the contest - I'm picking the winner on Wednesday! :)

Mel said...

Oh great! Thank you very much! Your contest sounds fab! :)